Ventilation 101 – Intake AND Exhaust

roofvent roofvent roofvent

Understanding the key principles of ventilation is extremely important. Achieving a balanced
system of BOTH intake AND exhaust is the overall goal. Installing a product called SmartVent
at the eaves/bottom is a great solution when replacing a roof and combined with a quality
ridgevent product, they can work together year round!

Complete Roofing Systems


Shingles are only part of a properly installed roof! All roofs are NOT created equal – because if
it’s not installed correctly, or if inferior products are used, additional costs can really add up
down the road!

Different Shingle Options

shingles shingles shingles

There are numerous shingle options available, a few examples include: Traditional “3-Tab”
Shingles, newer style “Dimensional” Shingles, and also “Designer” Shingles!