Having Your Roof Replaced? We Can Install New Seamless Gutters and Gutter Guards Too!


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New Seamless Gutters and Gutter Guards – The Perfect Compliment To A New Roof

Gutters are very similar to a roof in regards to life expectancy and needing to take action before a potentially larger problem develops.

Your gutters serve an important purpose – to divert water away from your home. A properly installed gutter system will protect your home’s foundation, help prevent structural damage, protect landscaping, and also prevent basement flooding.   


Roofing and Beyond did a fantastic job with my roof along with installation of new gutters and leaf guards. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Gutter Problems and Solutions

Gutter Clogged and Holding Water
Clogged / Overflowing Gutters

Overflowing or clogged gutters is a sign that water is not draining properly and should be addressed. Gutters should be level for the most part, but longer sections require a slight pitch in order for water to flow towards connecting downspouts. Gutter guards and leaf protection products can significantly reduce, if not eliminate, the need for routine maintainence.

New Gutters Installed With Hidden Hangers
Gutter Guards & Leaf Protection

Gutter guards are the best solution to clogged gutters. Cleaning your own gutters can be time consuming and even a dangerous task, which is why gutter guards were invented. We recommend Leaf Relief and Shur Flo gutter guards (depending on the application) for keeping your gutters free of clogs – without the work!  

Old Gutter Corner Leaking Water
Gutter Leaks

Gutter corners are the most common leak areas. Inside and outside corners consist of two different gutter sections intersecting and creating a seam. In gutter terminology, that intersection is called a miter. The miter and gutter sections are screwed together and caulked with gutter sealant. 

Old Gutter Falling Down
Sagging / Falling Gutters

Gutters are prone to sagging for a number of different reasons. It may seem obvious, but a clogged gutter full of water is HEAVY. Over the winter it can lead to even thicker, and heavier, ice dams. The traditional way of fastening a gutter was with ‘spikes and ferrules’ (shown in sagging gutter photo).  But after a few of Michigan’s freeze/thaw cycles, the spikes can become loose and begin to pull away from the fascia board.

New Gutters Installed With Hidden Hangers
Hidden Hangers

Newer gutter systems are installed with ‘hidden hangers’ which can hold a lot of extra weight. Hidden hangers are mounted under the front gutter hem, screwed into the back of the gutter, and into the fascia board. Since they sit inside the gutter they are invisible (hidden) from the ground which results in a nice clean look.